Switching over to solar power to provide electricity to your home not only saves you money each month on your power bill, it also reduces negative effects on the environment.

If your solar power system is hooked up to the power grid, you can actually sell unused energy you generate each month to the power company. Solar energy is the future. This renewable energy source is clean and cost effective for homeowners.

When you have solar panels installed at your home, you can take advantage of free, natural resources to provide power to you and your family. You can also cut down on power bills each month or completely eliminate them.

Solar panel systems come in a few different sizes, each with varying levels of energy output. If you only have one or two people living in your home, then a small 1.5kw-2kw system should sustain you. A system this small can still power all of your appliances and electronics. This smaller system takes up about 16-18 square meters of roof space.

For a slighter larger capacity system that can handle two to three people in a household, you may want to go with a 2kw-4kw system. This solar power system takes up around 18-40 square meters of space on your roof. It is beneficial to have a larger system when you have more people in your home because you will want to provide more power to large appliances like a washing machine or a large refrigerator.

If four or more people reside in your home, you will want a system that can handle the extra workload. A 4kw-5kw system should be enough to handle most large households. It will take up approximately 40-50 square meters of roof space and will be sufficient to power a large air conditioning unit and several large appliances.

There has never been a better time to switch to solar. With the Australian government solar rebate program you can receive a discount on your initial system purchase and receive credit for the output of your system.


Solar Power Is Environmentally Friendly
Australian’s use massive amounts of coal to power their homes and businesses. This creates greenhouse emissions that can harm the atmosphere. By converting your power generation to solar, you reduce these emissions and help perpetuate a cleaner, safer environment.

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