Solar Power for Commercial Clients

Commercial and industrial communities in Australia emit large amounts of harmful gases. These emissions harm the environment and the air we breathe. By switching to solar energy you can save money while protecting the environment and promoting better environmental and business practices in the community.

Rewarding Those Who Go Green
The Australian government is undertaking an ongoing program to make solar energy more appealing to consumers both in the residential and commercial markets. At Gryphon Solar, we are ideally situated to partner with the government in passing on these incentives to our customers. Over the past few years, the overwhelming success of this partnership has made us a leader in meeting Australia’s solar power needs.

By switching to solar power, you can save money every month on your power bill. We customize our systems so that they are as efficient as possible, fit your specific needs, and provide a monitoring system to ensure you maintain those savings for the life of the system. Our skilled engineers are always looking for ways to save our clients money by maximizing the potential of our solar power systems.

The extent of your switch to solar power is up to you. You can run some or all of your power off solar energy.  If however you just want to add to your power generation rather than switch over to solar, we can also do that as well by installing solar panels that boost your maximum output. Any extra energy you generate can be sent right back into the power grid, generating power for others and credits for you.


Our Reputation for Excellence

We are one of the most trusted and respected providers of solar panels and solar power in Australia. Our years of experience let us bring you the very best in customer service and quality products. We have established a network of skilled technicians and installers that know their business which allows us to provide our clients with unrivaled service and support. Gryphon provides everything you need to get started with solar power, including the highest quality panels and hardware. Choose Gryphon Solar today for the most dependable service in Australia.