Gryphon Solar's Vision
The Gryphon Solar vision is to be at the leading edge in the provision of Solar products and services in the Australian market. The Gryphon Solar group will increasingly provide a broad range of Solar and other energy systems, services, and quality solutions as and when they are required.

We also aim to apply proven business techniques and service methods to consistently deliver value for our customer’s investment whether it be reducing household’s power costs, or project managing large scale commercial installations.

We recognise that skills and capabilities, as well as knowledge and experience, are essential if we are to deliver value to our broad client base. As such Gryphon Solar has a focus on continually developing its knowledge and capabilities with Solar and other Renewable Energy technologies so that this knowledge and capability can then be best used to benefit our customers.

An essential part of our company’s mission is also the formation of strategic partnerships and alliances with other industry participants and suppliers to continue to progress and expand the range, value, and options we can offer our customers.

Gryphon Solar also recognises the benefit of research and development and the increasingly important future role the Solar and other Renewable Energy participants will play in providing clean energy to the Australian market. As such our company actively engages the community and leading research organisations in the Renewable Energy field so as to inform and support such research and developments that may benefit our customers.

Mission Statement
Gryphon Solar is a committed to providing ongoing value and benefits through the supply of Renewable Energy Systems to the Australian market. Our commitment to our clients is that each and every Renewable Energy System we provide meet our customers expectations in both the domestic and commercial market.

Our customers are also partners in that, as the technology evolves and opportunities come to hand, we can assist in growing and consolidating the domestic or commercial benefits from Renewable Energy Systems for our client base.

Clean Energy is our Passion. Using research, discovery methods, and innovation, teamed with trustworthiness, integrity, reliability and exceptional product delivery and quality enables us to provide consistent, affordable customer focused solutions for every need.